Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for vendors to have the perfect wedding day team can take lots of time researching and interviewing. It is important to take the time to do your research on vendors before hiring to make sure you know all the details. Below are some important questions to ask venue staff while searching for the perfect space for your wedding.


  1. How far in advance do I need to reserve my date?
    We book on a first come first serve. We are more than happy to put a note in the calendar while you think about if Vine & Sparrow is the place you want to get married. We will contact you if someone else is interested in the date.

  2. How long do we have the space for? What is the access and exit time?
    You have access to the property for 12 hours. The use can be between the hours of 10 AM and midnight.

  3. Do book multiple events on the same day?
    We do not book more than one wedding per day.


  4. What is the deposit to reserve the venue?
    It is $750 to secure the date. Those dollars will be used as part of your final total.

  5. What is included in the rental fee?
    You have access to the property for 12 hours. This includes access to our tables, chairs and built-in sound system (background music only).

  6. What is the cancellation policy?
    The $750 that is paid at booking is non-refundable. If canceled with less than 30 days before the wedding, the whole rental fee is non-refundable.

  7. Are we able to change our date after booking?
    You are more than welcome to change your date but it is dependent on the venue’s availability. We do also require that it be within a year of the original date to retain the deposit.

    Vendor Team

  8. Do you have required vendors that we must use? If not, are there limitations or guidelines that we must follow for booking vendors?
    The only vendor that we require you to use is our bar service. You are more than welcome to pick your own caterer, photographer and so on. We do highly recommend that you make sure that your vendors are licensed and professional.

  9. Are you able to recommend vendors?
    Yes! We have worked some amazing vendors and are happy to recommend some for your wedding.


  10. Is the venue handicap accessible?
    The main floor and patio are handicap accessible. The upper hall and basement are not accessible.

  11. Are there noise restrictions?
    We are required to follow the Sherwood noise ordinance. You can have noise outside on the patio until 10 PM.

  12. How many bathrooms are there?
    We have two main guest bathrooms. There is also a private restroom in the bridal suite and in the caterers area.

  13. Is parking available on-site? Is there a charge for parking?
    The property has two parking spots that we recommend leaving for the catering team and vendor load in. There are two public parking lots and a lot of street parking available for guests. All parking is free.

    Event Specific Details

  14. What is the venue’s capacity?
    Outdoor - Ceremony: 150 Reception: 70
    Indoor - Ceremony: 150 Reception: 120

  15. Do you have your own sound equipment or does it need to be rented?
    We have a built-in sound system that works great for background music. There is not a microphone connected to this sound system.
    We do have a professional sound system available for rental with an AV tech.

  16. Are there decor restrictions?

    We do have some decor restrictions to help protect the building from damages. Below are our decor restrictions for the space.

    • You may use only gaff tape for decorum on the walls or concrete floors. You may not tape anything to the wood floor.

    • You may NOT use: nails, push pins, tacks, staples, Velcro, duct tape, or self-adhesive strips.

    • Do not use confetti, glitter, rice or birdseed inside or outside the building.

    • Helium balloons may be used outside but cannot go into the facility.

    • Non-colored flower petals can be used inside and outside. They must be cleaned up by the end of the event.

    • The use of fireworks, tiki torches, or any other related products are prohibited.

    • Flamed candles can be used as long as they are in a glass votive that is at least 2” taller than the candle flame.

    • Per local fire codes, you may not block or impede access to any door marked with an EXIT sign, any installed fire extinguishers, hoses, or alarm pull stations. Your decorations may not obscure fire beacons, emergency, lighting, or EXIT signs.

  17. Will your staff be setting up and breakdown of decor? In what capacity?
    We do not have staffing available for the set up and breakdown of the decor. If you would like assistance with that, we do have a partnership with Love Blossomed Events that offers day of coordination services at a discounted price for Vine & Sparrow clients.

  18. What is the backup plan for if it rains?
    The great part about our venue is that we have an indoor option available if it is raining. We would move your ceremony inside the grand hall. During cocktail hour, your caterers would turn the grand hall into your reception. There is no additional charges to use the grand hall for your ceremony. It comes with your rental.

  19. What time can vendors arrive for set up?
    They can arrive as early as your access time on the day of. If they are needing additional time, we are happy to discuss options.


  20. Who is the point person during planning? Who is the point person the day of the wedding?

    Our Venue Manager will be your point person during planning. They will also be the point person on the day of unless unavailable. If they are unavailable, we will have another staff person available to assist.

  21. Do you offer additional services?
    We also offer AV support and have coordination services available.

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