Tips for Touring Wedding Venues

Tips for Touring Wedding Venues

After you get engaged, the venue is one of the first vendors you book. It is also a huge decision. You do not want to pick the wrong venue for your dream wedding. This is why touring a venue is so important. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when picking out a location. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your wedding venue tours.

  1. Schedule an appointment.

    To get the best tour, schedule an appointment. If you show up at a venue without an appointment, they might not be able to tour you or give you the full amount of time due to an event in progress or have an appointment already. To get the most out of your tour, take advantage of the private tour. You will be able to ask all your questions and have time to really think about having your dream wedding at the venue. It will also save you time because you would not have to drive to a venue without knowing if you are going to be able to tour.

    For us, we are not on property unless there is an event or we have a meeting scheduled. We also do not tour during events for respect of the client. We would love to give you our full attention when touring the space.

  2. Prepare for your tour.
    While you probably already did some research on the venue, take some time to look at online reviews, pictures and their website before the tour. It is also important to write down your questions in advance. There is so much information discussed and you do not want to forget to ask your questions. This is your time with the coordinator.

    We have come up with some common questions we get on tours and have answered them here.

  3. Invite the decision maker.
    If someone is taking care of the bill for your wedding, bring them with you. They will feel a part of the wedding planning. It will also save you time if you love the space. You will not have to come back with them to get their buy-in.

    It is also a good idea to bring other people with you. They might point out something you have missed. We recommend limiting it to no more than 4 to 6 people total.

  4. Arrive on time.
    It is important to arrive on time to your appointment. It is very common for venues to book tours or meetings back to back. Arriving on time will allow you the full amount of time to check out the space, ask questions and book if ready. Arriving late takes away time with the coordinator.

    We recommend arriving early. This gives you time to find the venue, park and take a little walk around the space. It is important to take a look around the outside of the property for possible photo spots and to see the first impression your guests will see.

    If you have scheduled multiple tours in one day, make sure to leave ample travel time between each venue.

  5. Bring something to take notes on.
    There is a lot of detail discussed during a tour. It is important to take notes. This is very important if you tour many venues. It will help keep details clear between venues. It is also a great reference when deciding on a venue and during planning.

  6. Take pictures.

    We get asked this all the time. Yes, please take as many pictures as you would like. It helps you remember the space later on and can assist with planning. This will also help remind you which venue is which when deciding where to book.

    We encourage all our couples to take a photo where they will possible be getting married. We do this for two reasons. One, this is a special time for you. It is more than just planning for the big wedding day. It is the start of your life together. A photo of the two of you at the venue where you will get married is a great keepsake. Two, it will be helpful when planning your ceremony.

  7. Check out behind the scenes.
    Make sure to check out the bathroom and the kitchen areas. It is important that the property be clean! This is a common thing people do not think about when touring. You do not want your guests using a nasty bathroom or having your catering done in a dirty kitchen.

  8. Come with a credit card and/ or check book.
    Don’t be scared to book your wedding venue at the tour. If you fell in love with the space, book it! Most venues do not do holds without money down. If you spend time thinking about it, there is a chance that your date might get booked. Venues can book up really quickly. This is especially true for summer months.

Overall, just remember to be flexible and enjoy this time. You are engaged and going to marry the love of your life.

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